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Protecting Property Interests Through Real Estate Litigation

Real estate is a complex area of law, involving property law concepts as well as contractual matters. When disputes arise, the stakes are often high. Because each property is unique, more than just finances may hang in the balance. A home, business location or other valuable property may be on the line.

At Hunker Appeals, we understand the nuanced legal issues that can arise in real estate disputes. Our lawyers have the skills and experience to protect clients’ property interests through litigation and appeals, if necessary. We are known for handling challenging cases that other firms turn down. Led by a lawyer who is board-certified in appellate law through The Florida Bar, we have the necessary skill set to serve as strong advocates through all stages of the proceedings.

Common Types Of Real Estate Disputes

Our team is well-equipped to address complex real estate disputes involving:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Liens
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Title disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Covenants and easements
  • HOAs/COAs (homeowners/condominium owners associations)
  • Liquidated damages provisions

Depending on the underlying issues, expert testimony – such as an appraiser – may be necessary to build a strong claim. In other cases, the outcome may hinge on the interpretation of an ambiguous contract term or procedural nuances. Our attorneys excel at carefully honing the issues at stake and using the right strategy to address them – a strategy geared toward success.

We understand that no two real estate disputes are the same, and we take a fresh approach to each case, working diligently to find the strongest angle for protecting clients’ interests.

Discuss Your Real Estate Case With A Member Of Our Team

We look forward to learning more about the case and providing an overview of how our services can address your needs and objectives. To get started, please call 877-906-5656 or reach out online. From our office in Fort Lauderdale, we handle real estate litigation throughout Florida as well as Georgia.