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Effective Resolution Of Contract Disputes

Contracts are at the core of many business relationships. They also can play a major role in the lives of individuals – for example, insurance policyholders. When disputes arise involving contract interpretation, breach of contract or other contractual matters, legal guidance is essential for working toward a favorable resolution.

At Hunker Appeals, a litigation and appellate law firm in Fort Lauderdale, we handle contract disputes for individual and business clients across Florida and Georgia. Led by a board-certified specialist in appellate law (through The Florida Bar), our team of lawyers shares a commitment and determination to protecting clients’ interests. We have developed a reputation for successfully navigating complex, high-stakes litigation in state and federal court. Put simply, no case is too tough for our team.

Addressing A Diverse Array Of Contract Litigation Matters

We handle a wide array of contract litigation, including:

  • Business and commercial contract disputes involving vendor agreements, purchase agreements and other agreements
  • Employment contract disputes involving employment agreements, noncompete agreements, nondisclosure/nonsolicitation agreements and more
  • Real estate contract disputes involving commercial or residential properties
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Construction contract disputes (including defect claims)
  • Insurance policy disputes
  • HOA/COA disputes involving contractual matters

Our attorneys are also skilled at addressing claims involving liquidated damages provisions, which can pose unique challenges.

In addition to handling these claims in the litigation stage, we handle appeals for parties seeking to challenge or defend the lower court decision.

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