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Appeals For Property Damage Insurance Claims

Many types of insurance policies provide coverage for property damage. Property owners, homeowners, business owners and other policyholders count on that coverage when catastrophes happen.

Unfortunately, they often encounter roadblocks in the claims process. Insurance companies are financially motivated to diminish or deny claims whenever possible.

At Hunker Appeals, we represent individuals and businesses seeking to appeal adverse rulings in property damage claims. Our founding attorney, Tom Hunker, holds a board certification in appellate law through The Florida Bar. He has earned professional recognition for his professional accomplishments. Our entire team of lawyers and staff works diligently to protect our clients’ interests on appeal, whether they are the appellant or appellee.

Skilled In High-Stakes Litigation For All Kinds Of Insurance Claims

Insurance claim denials can lead to high-stakes litigation. As skilled litigators, our lawyers offer consultant services at trial to pursue a successful outcome while also laying the groundwork for an appeal. In many cases, we can also pursue a rehearing motion at the trial level to challenge adverse rulings and avoid further appeals.

We are known for handling complex, challenging cases in both state and federal court. We understand the legal intricacies of property damage claims involving:

  • Auto insurance
  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Flood insurance

We handle cases stemming from hurricane damage as well as floods, fires, auto accidents and other unfortunate circumstances.

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