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Powerful Appellate Representation In Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury claims can involve complex litigation and high financial stakes. For personal injury plaintiffs, a significant victory at trial may be challenged on appeal. Conversely, an adverse ruling may be overturned on appeal, providing another opportunity to pursue financial recovery.

Hunker Appeals is a powerhouse appellate firm in Fort Lauderdale. Led by award-winning attorney Tom Hunker, who is board-certified in appellate practice through The Florida Bar, our lawyers handle personal injury appeals in both Florida and Georgia. We draw on vast experience in the federal and state appellate courts of both states to provide effective advocacy. We also serve as litigation consultants at the trial level to provide strategic guidance and preserve grounds for appeal. When possible, we prepare motions for rehearings at the trial court level to pursue a favorable outcome without the need for appeal.

Grounds For Appeal In Personal Injury Claims

Improper rulings as well as procedural and substantive errors at trial can deprive personal injury plaintiffs of the full value of their claim. Preparing a successful appellate case involves evaluating and pursuing the strongest grounds for appeal. In personal injury cases, those grounds might include:

  • Errors in admitting or excluding evidence
  • Erroneous rulings on the qualifications of expert witnesses
  • Erroneous applications of the law
  • Errors in the jury instructions
  • Juror misconduct

With meticulous attention to detail, we undertake a thorough evaluation of the record to pinpoint the grounds for appeal that are most likely to succeed.

Defending Against Insurance Appeals

High-value awards of damages in personal injury trials frequently lead to appeals by the defendants, especially insurance companies. Defendants in these cases are typically represented by a highly skilled in-house legal team. Plaintiffs need the same caliber of representation to defend their award on appeal.

Our team has a proven record of success in opposing insurance companies and other powerful parties on appeal in complex cases. Through well-written, well-researched briefs and compelling oral arguments, we carefully lay the groundwork to position clients for success.

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