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Navigating Construction Defect Claims

Construction projects rarely proceed exactly as planned, especially when it comes to complex projects and large-scale condominium and housing developments. Even after the project is completed, disputes can arise involving alleged defects. These disputes often involved millions of dollars. Much is at stake.

Skilled legal counsel is critical for navigating construction defect claims in a way that protects your interests and financial resources, whether as a plaintiff or defendant. At Hunker Appeals, we handle both sides of these claims. Our team of attorneys draws on extensive experience in complex, high-stakes litigation. We practice in the state and federal courts of both Florida and Georgia. Led by a board-certified appellate lawyer, our firm also represents clients in appeals. We provide co-counsel and consultancy services at all stages of the litigation process.

Common Types Of Construction Defect Claims

Construction defects can take many forms. In the humid subtropical climates of Florida and Georgia, water intrusion is often a factor.

Defects claims can involve:

  • Structural and design defects
  • Use of improper, subpar or defective materials
  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Subsurface deficiencies

We address claims involving all types of defects.

Keys To Success In Construction Litigation

Florida and Georgia laws impose strict procedural requirements for raising construction defect claims. Procedural missteps could derail the case from the outset. We are intimately familiar with these procedural nuances and can use that knowledge to protect clients’ interests throughout the proceedings.

Construction defect claims often center on expert testimony. Vetting and hiring the right experts, with strong credibility and credentials, is a key strategy for success, and one of many areas in which our firm excels.

Because these cases involve significant financial stakes, appeals are common. Strong appeals start at trial. Our lawyers can assist at the trial level with preserving grounds for appeal. We can pursue rehearing motions for adverse rulings when warranted, which could avoid appellate proceedings entirely.

Positioning Clients For Success

We are committed to helping our clients succeed in the face of significant legal hurdles. For more information about our litigation and appellate practice, please contact our office in Fort Lauderdale at 877-906-5656.