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Appeals Involving Condominium And Homeowners Associations

Complex litigation often results in appeals, particularly when the financial stakes are high. Navigating a successful appeal requires enlisting proven appellate lawyers who are familiar with the legal landscape of both the underlying dispute and the issues on appeal.

At Hunker Appeals, we capably handle appeals involving community associations such as condominium owners associations (COAs) and homeowners associations (HOAs). We represent appellants (the parties pursuing an appeal) as well as appellees (the parties defending the lower court decision). Licensed in both Florida and Georgia, and led by a board-certified specialist in appellate law through The Florida Bar, our attorneys practice in state and federal courts of appeal.

Strengths In All Aspects Of Appellate Law

Appellate work is vastly different from litigation at trial. Much depends on the strength of the written briefs. Additionally, honing the issues on appeal plays a critical role in selecting the strongest arguments. In HOA and COA cases, those issues may involve procedural errors, substantive errors involving misinterpretation or misapplication of the law, or novel legal issues that haven’t yet been fully fleshed out in the case law.

Our lawyers possess the experience and proven skillset to address all types of appellate issues. We are familiar with the many sources of underlying disputes that can involve HOAs and COAs, and we also handle litigation at the trial court level. We offer co-counsel and consultant services to prepare a strong record for appeal.

Discuss The Next Steps For An HOA Or COA Appeal

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