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What to Ask a Child Support Lawyer

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Child Support, Family Law

Navigating the tricky waters of child support laws can be a challenge, especially for those who have never had experience with these types of matters. If you need an expert to help you figure out a fair and just solution, there are a few essential questions you should ask a child support lawyer.

Questions You Should Ask a Child Support Lawyer

What Is Your Method of Working with Clients? Find out how the lawyer works with their clients. When a lawyer is good at what they do, they will take the time to listen to your situation and offer suggestions on what you can do. However, you are ultimately responsible for deciding on the best approach.

How Does This Law Firm Handle Child Custody Cases? Often, child support cases are linked to child custody cases. What type of lawyer are you talking to? Are they trying to aggravate situations to end up in court and getting paid more? You should avoid this kind of lawyer. A lawyer who specializes in getting results in your case is better for you.

What Is Their Annual Caseload? Having a track record of child support and child custody issues will help you determine whether a child custody lawyer is the best one for your case. If you want to know the outcome of their last case, ask about their previous cases and when they were resolved. People hire lawyers who have handled several child custody and support cases in a year because they know they can deliver results and are trustworthy.

What Is Your Experience with Cases Similar to Mine? Each case needs to be given special attention. If you feel your case needs particular attention or have any other concerns, it is essential to ask. Besides having experience in a courtroom, you should also consider if they specialize in similar cases to yours.

How Often Will I Receive Updates on My Case? You can use this question to determine if a lawyer regularly keeps in touch with their clients and the type of relationship you should expect. If you need answers to your questions, you don’t want to hire a lawyer who cannot answer your questions or who will not provide you with information. Many professional lawyers will always call you back, even if they are busy when you call. For your child support petition, it is extremely important that the lawyer communicates directly with you and does so honestly.

Is There a Payment Plan? How Much do You Charge? When you want to hire an excellent lawyer, you should not put the money a lawyer charges at the top of your list. Even if they are above your pay scale, the best lawyer may not be the right fit for you.

The payment plans used by lawyers vary. Some lawyers charge hourly, while others prefer to take a retainer. Ensure that you ask for a payment plan and find out about the attorney’s fees and any additional charges before deciding.

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