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Steps to Take in a Property Damage Claim Appeal

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Appeals

Insurance companies deny homeowners claims every day for various reasons; sometimes legitimate, sometimes erroneous, and sometimes for no apparent reason. You can sue to oppose your homeowner’s insurance claim denial.

How to Handle a Denied Claim with Your Insurance Company

There are several steps or options to take to properly handle a denied claim.

Understand Your Policy’s Coverage. An insurance company may deny your claim because of a misunderstanding. It depends on your policy coverage limits if your insurance policy covers all or some of the damage. It is possible to appeal your insurance adjuster’s decision if they do not cover your property claim or offer you too little of an offer. Any discrepancies in your property insurance policy should be pointed out to your insurance adjuster so that you can appeal the denial.

Identify the Reasons for the Denial of Your Claim. Your insurance company should provide you with a formal, written letter that explains why your claim was denied. If you don’t understand your insurance company’s reasoning for denying your claim or if the reasons, they provide are ambiguous, do not be afraid to contact them.

Document Your Loss by Taking Pictures. Insufficient evidence may sometimes prevent a claim from being approved. Document the date, time, and spell out the incident by taking pictures from several angles. If your insurance company disputes the loss, keep all documentation that proves the extent of your loss.

Get a Second Opinion. If you differ with your insurance company’s appraisal of the damage to your property, request a second opinion from an independent company. There are provisions in most policies that allow you to request an independent appraisal.

Prove You Are an Accountable Homeowner. Most times, property insurance claims are denied because of the homeowner’s negligence. Sufficient evidence that you tried everything possible to avoid property damage must support your appeal. These documents may include documentation that shows your property complied with the code.

File an Appeal. The insurance company may review your claim again after you file an appeal. Do so within the appeals deadline and provide all evidence and documentation supporting your claim in a written explanation.

File a Complaint. A complaint to your state’s insurance board can be made if appealing to your insurance company fails. The board will investigate your denied claim.

Contact an Attorney

Find a qualified attorney who is knowledgeable about property damage claims appeal if you must sue your insurance company. An attorney can provide you with legal recourse options if they have unfairly denied your property insurance claim. Also, they can represent you in further efforts to fight that denial.

It takes more than a few forms and a letter to appeal a denial to the insurance company. Typically, the process entails exchanging information, meeting legal deadlines, negotiating a settlement, and possibly filing a lawsuit. To figure out if your claim is worth pursuing, your lawyer will ask you a series of questions. In the case of a lawsuit, lawyers will use their expertise to push the case along.

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