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Construction lawyers provide a wide range of services to anyone involved in any stage of a construction project. From planning to completion, construction lawyers represent owners, designers, architects, material suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors. They assist their clients with scheduling, budgeting, fulfilling regulatory guidelines, contracting, submitting claims, and terminations. A construction lawyer also works preventatively by being actively involved throughout the construction process to avoid litigation, arbitration, and other possible conflicts. Legal representation requires an expert understanding of both construction and construction law, as well as all project stages, tasks, machinery, and other fine details that make up a construction site. In short, nothing about the topic escapes their knowledge.

What Construction Law Covers

  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions
  • Arbitration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Building permits
  • Case Law Summary
  • Construction claims
  • Construction’s liens
  • Davis-Bacon Act, wage requirements
  • Delays
  • Drafting construction contracts
  • Employment Immigration
  • Environmental matters in construction law
  • False Claims Act
  • Federal construction
  • Fire regulations
  • Fulfilling regulations for non-discrimination
  • Industry-standard construction contracts
  • Insurances issues
  • Labor issues
  • Licensing construction professionals
  • Mediation
  • Negotiating construction contracts
  • Negotiating litigation of a termination claim
  • OSHA, and other federal agencies
  • Project delivery systems
  • Prompt payments
  • Provide defense to businesses facing administrative actions
  • Provide legal counsel
  • Public construction
  • State building codes
  • State contracting procedures
  • Surety Law
  • Sustainable construction
  • Trials: Trying construction cases in court
  • Unresolved damages claim
  • Violations

How Construction Attorneys Benefit Contractors

  • Drafting and negotiating construction contracts
  • Protecting payments
  • Writing of contract proposals
  • Filing construction claims
  • Contract terminations

A construction lawyer represents and defends you during any necessary trials, arbitrations, or litigations. However, a good lawyer actively works to prevent conflicts from arising before they start, saving you time, money, and stress.

Construction Contract Advisory

Problems for many construction companies stem from a misreading or interpretation of contracts. Before a company or owner enters a contract, the construction lawyer ensures the contract is legally sound, grounded in reasonable expectations, accounts for proper notice requirements and job site conditions. This includes anticipating scheduling delays, insurance, and unforeseen circumstances, along with any other necessary revisions.

Payment: The Lifeblood of a Construction Project

A company may meet all its contractual obligations and still find itself not getting paid in a timely fashion, or not at all. A construction lawyer ensures that a contractor receives the full payment promised by anticipating costs of labor, equipment, and materials. If costs have been covered under the contract, and the contractor still has not been paid, a civil action may be taken in the form of mechanics liens and claims against payment bonds on both public and private projects.

A Construction Lawyer is Your Advocate

They work for you. Their expertise and intimate knowledge of construction law help you avoid conflict by anticipating and resolving issues before they start.

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