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We are committed to providing quality representation, legal writing, oral advocacy, and client responsiveness. We have the necessary skills and experience and a proven track record of effectively representing clients in high-stakes, high-profile litigation. We give each case the time and attention needed to give our clients the best chance of prevailing at trial and on appeal. Our involvement often leads to the other side confessing error, confessing judgment, or agreeing to more favorable settlement terms. This typically leads to a more efficient conclusion of litigation, saving our clients time, money and frustration.

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Why Choose Us

Our track record demonstrates our ability to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients, often in cases that seemed like lost causes prior to our involvement. We’re frequently referred to as utility players due to our rounded experience in diverse practice areas and various stages of litigation. We know that the keys to success are in the details of the evidence and the application of the law. For this reason, we carefully scrutinize the facts and research the legal authorities and are able to accurately gauge the potential outcomes. This gives our clients a clearer picture of what to expect so that they can make informed decisions.

Mission Statement

We work with individuals, companies, lawyers and law firms, in presenting their strongest case for expedient resolution of critical legal issues arising in the trial court and on appeal. Recognizing that a just resolution of any legal dispute rests on a balance of competing interests, we render a concise portrait illustrating when, where and how the scales should be balanced in your case. Our effectiveness stems from our enduring commitment to understanding and explaining the law to clients, judges and adversaries. This equips us with the logic and insight necessary to establish the correct legal framework with efficiency and precision, whether we’re analyzing a contract, a child custody dispute, or a civil rights claim.

Florida And Georgia Based. Worldwide Clients.

We represent clients in state and federal appeals and litigation throughout Florida, Georgia and Illinois. We also represent clients on motions in other state and federal court actions and administrative proceedings as well as international matters.

We Revere The Law

We conduct research and design arguments to persuasively demonstrate the strengths of our cases and the weaknesses of our opponents’ cases to improve our clients’ chances of success at trial and on appeal and open the door to better settlement opportunities.